My Soul Selfie series was created from a hamsa hand silhouette to showcase beauty, vibrancy, and imperfections. The hamsa hand is the signature that symbolizes protection and supreme power within each soul. They were hand-drawn, then scanned and digitally manipulated. Each “Soul Selfie” family member has a 5 letter biblical name with a Hebrew origin. All soul selfies are fundamentally inspired by the Tanakh or otherwise known as Pentateuch. The number five is an extremely spiritual number. Five is indicative of being filled, prepared, and empowered to go forth in your life mission.

The background text displays the hamsa prayer, “Let no sadness come to this heart. Let no trouble come to these arms. Let no conflict come to these eyes. Let my soul be filled with the blessing of joy and peace.” I use this prayer as a ritual when completing each piece and I always incorporate it within my fine and digital art. It’s not meant to be read, it’s just intentionally meant to exist in harmony with each piece.

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Kaleb Metallic Print

Meet Kaleb! Kaleb is one of the members of the “Soul Selfie” family. Kaleb represents a deep inner devotion to community. This soul is consistently whole-hearted within all endeavors and is exceptionally faithful. However, this soul is often flooded with information causing emotional turmoil. Kaleb is on a life-long quest to seek connections both internally and externally.