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Artist Bio

Nerissa Balland is a visual artist, therapeutic arts practitioner, and 2x cancer survivor who creates work in various sizes and mixed media. She is a visual storyteller who uses spiritual symbols, shapes, patterns, and natural elements to communicate universal themes about self-love, acceptance, and protection.


Nerissa has had a strong desire to create since childhood. She believes authenticity is the key to keeping innocence within the creative process. To maintain a balance of technique and “the unlearned.”

Extensively trained at Pratt Institute, Nerissa received a Master of Fine Arts in painting. She received a Bachelor of Arts in studio art from the University of Maryland and studied Digital Design at the University of Copenhagen. She spent 18 years working in marketing, branding, and design. Currently, Nerissa works as a visual artist in South Florida with exhibitions in diverse areas — from Miami Art Week to faith-based institutions, universities, and hospitals and teaches fine art digital and design part-time.

Artist Statement


My creative process consistently evolves to balance technique and “the unlearned.” Simultaneously, it unravels like an onion and taps into basic human desires for acceptance, love, and protection. I often explore how these desires are defined. I’m fascinated and comforted by boundaries, finding loopholes, and breaking the rules.

My art consistently represents subject matter through many textures, layers, colors, and strokes that provide playful yet organized chaos.

While I use various materials and processes in each series, my methodology is consistent. Although there may not always be material similarities between the different series, they are linked by recurring themes. The subject matter of each body of work drives my material selections and my approach.

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